Real Partner

Over the past 3 years since the foundation of 3linestek as a Geo-ICT consulting establishment we aimed to expand our reach while providing value-added consulting services that assist our clients in expanding their business.

Since day one every consultant at 3linestek has been striving to provide consulting services that makes us “Real Partner” to our clients. It’s our policy to continue to work closely with each client with a sense of commitment on a long-term basis to ensure that the best practices are integrated into their business and operations.

We will continue to serve as the one-and-only “Real Partner” for our client with the aim of assisting such clients pursuing delivering increased-value to their end users.


Once a partner and forever after we shall be your Real Partner. We are not bound by any one stereotypical organization strategy. Instead we take the utmost advantage of the characteristics of our clients.


We bring success to our clients, continuously contribute toward enhancing their operation, care of people and deliver results through innovation.